Our Mission

We started the business with a vision to build personal relationships with all of our clients, to understand the busineses they are operating. To deliver second-to-none solutions with an exceptional level of service. For us, noone is too small or too big. We take each and every one of our clients needs and requirements as our primary goals.

Deliver the best quality of service

Provide premium IT services and solutions

Create seamless operations for the businesses of our clients

Provide measurable value to each client we have


Our focus

At NGN, our #1 priority is to keep your business humming along, so we take care of anything your business may need, but here are just a few

Understanding your business

Whether it be email, internet, phones or anything else, we get the building blocks of your business and make it all one seamless operation for you.

Optimal Running

Have all your systems, emails and phones all running optimally so that you and your staff can remain productive.

Tailored Solutions

There is no one-size-fits-all plan, we look at your requirements and provide the best solution.

Finger on the pulse

We've always got our finger on the pulse of your business to not only take care of its needs today but we also always look ahead to anticipate what may be needed tomorrow too.

Service is #1

We're a tech company that not only cares about machines, but cares about our clients first & foremost. When you're our client you'll notice the difference in our human-centric focus, making sure that you're always the #1 priority for us.

Always updated

Systems are always on the go, but that doesn't mean updates have to stop. We always make sure your business is running the latest and most secure solutions.

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Give us a call or stop by our door anytime, we try to answer all enquiries within 24 hours on business days.

We are open from 9am — 5pm week days.

211/117 Old Pittwater Rd
Brookvale, NSW